Proven Weight-Cutting Techniques Used by the World’s Top Fighters

Fight Week

The Science of Eating for a Weight Cut

By Weight Cutting Expert and Coach

Tyler Minton

Sought-after weight-cutting techniques from the nutrition coach behind the cuts used by the world’s top mixed martial artists.

This book contains custom formulas for determining how much to drink and eat the week of weigh-ins in addition to simple recipes that can be made with minimal equipment and no kitchen!


The Precise Science Behind Cutting Weight

Know Exactly How Much to Eat and Drink

Understand Food and Water Timing

Easy Recipes That Don’t Require a Kitchen

Cook on the Road, at the Gym, or From Your Hotel

Learn the secrets on how to successfully cut weight.

Who is Tyler Minton?

Weight-Cutting Expert & Nutrition Coach

Tyler “Melee” Minton is among the world’s most sought-after nutritionists and the man behind many of the UFC’s most successful athletes. Tyler, himself a former professional fighter, studied nutrition extensively academically but also learned on the job and while in the Octagon. Specializing in customized nutrition plans and nutrition education for both professional athletes and the general population, Tyler passes his first hand knowledge onto his clients to ensure their success, whether it is in the gym, the octagon, or their home.


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