About Ethos Nutrition

I started Tyler Minton Nutrition with the goal of simplifying the science of nutrition.

For years I’d watched on the sidelines while coaches and companies used big words and pseudoscience to prey on a public who needed truth in health education more than ever. To this day, I remember the pivotal moment I heard a coach and nutrition business owner say, “I baffle them with the bull****”, explaining how he uses big words to talk over the heads of clients, so they stop asking questions.

That wasn’t me.

Nutrition had changed my life and I wanted everyone to experience it.

I believed that everyone deserved quality nutrition information regardless of prior knowledge. I didn’t want to “baffle them with the bull****”. I wanted to battle the bull**** for them.

Under that charge I started my own company and went to battle. I created a nutrition system that provided a customized, science-based protocol and devoted my social media accounts to providing quality information that challenges fat diet influencers and simplifies the science. I chose the name Tyler Minton Nutrition because I wanted people to know that if they hired the company, they’d be working with me. It was always my goal to grow my business and to build a team with the same education, ethics, and passion as myself.

It’s been 4 years since the inception of Tyler Minton Nutrition, and the time has come for evolution and growth. I’ve been very fortunate in the last several years to meet other professionals in the arena who share my same character, credibility, and ethics.

The same ethos.

I’ve said since the beginning that the day Tyler Minton Nutrition becomes a team, I’d change the business name and assume the position of team leader, not boss. I’m very excited to add others to my team and for the potential of our team to reach others.

Tyler Minton Nutrition is now Ethos Nutrition.

Ethos is the set of beliefs, ideas, and ethics about the behavior of a group. As Aristotle put it, it’s one’s character.

Our ethos is that our education in the field of nutrition science and passion for simplifying it to be understood by all has been sharpened by combined decades of experience and put on display by years of client success. We’ll never call ourselves, “the best” because we have witnessed firsthand many of the amazing practitioners in our field. Confidently, however, we say that we are among the most passionate, hardworking, educated, and absolute best in this life-changing space of nutrition.