Ethos Nutrition Success Stories

Jessy Jess

UFC Bantamweight

“Within only a few weeks I was able to maintain my weight while getting leaner, stronger, faster, and more athletic!”

Jackie Buntan

ONE Fighting Championship Athlete

“Could not have done this without the guidance of my nutritionist Tyler Minton. I started this camp heavier than my usual walk around weight and this is the first time since I was a teenager that I’ve made weight hydrated and fueled. Tyler’s approach was way different than what I’m used to- in a good way. I tell him the goal, he gives me the plan and it’s my job to stay disciplined and get it done.”

Before and After

Ethos Nutrition Coaching

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“After an Achilles injury and a year layoff, I was topping the scales at 300lbs and knew I needed help. After hiring Tyler, I quickly learned how little I knew about nutrition and exercise. Following Tyler’s nutrition and exercise recommendations I started to see the fat melt off and in no time was down to 192lbs! After losing the weight, Tyler changed my program to then allow me to build lean muscle and strength. I’m now stronger and leaner than I have ever been while eating more than I ever have. Not only has my appearance drastically changed, but my Seborrheic Dermatitis has improved to the point that I no longer need the medication I have used for most of my life.”

— Phil Nave

Weight Loss Secrets

“I’m in the best shape I have ever been in and eating more food than I’ve ever eaten. It took. Me years to gain all the weight and less than 6 months to lose it!”

— Clay O’Connell

“I’ve spent the last three years yo-yo dieting trying to find the best strategy to lose my postpartum weight. I tried paleo, keto, I worked with two other nutritionist but finding Tyler was the answer I was searching for. His formal & plan were SUPER easy for me to follow. One thing I love most about his plan is that it doesn’t require tracking in a food app. It took about two weeks of measuring my food to make sure I was on track with my Marcos but after 2 weeks I eyeballed everything. Working with him has allowed me to put together a meal knowing I am hitting all the nutritional goals that I need for my body & my goals whether I am at home or a restaurant. It truly is the simplest plan that is sustainable long-term with some lifestyle changes. Thank you so much, Tyler!”

— Kate Allen-Cottone

The Secret To Weight Loss

“I decided to hire Tyler to help me prepare for this year’s Arm-Wrestling Nationals. Within the first week, I learned that carbs are not the bad guy in food- You just need them at the right time. I’d always thought dieting was boring and bland with just eggs, chicken, and broccoli, but it doesn’t have to be. During my 9 weeks with Tyler, I learned you can make a diet very fun and most of all… Easy! This was one of the biggest weight loss goals I’ve ever had, but it became the easiest I’ve ever done! I highly recommend using a real nutrition coach that’s proven and knowledgeable. Tyler is that guy.”

— Wictor Carlson