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What you can expect when working with Tyler “Melee” Minton

I’ve worked with hundreds of mixed martial artists and no two have been alike. Every fighter has a unique schedule, body, and dietary needs. This is why I believe fighters need a fully customized program and access to a nutritionist not just fight week, but all year long.

I’ll be working closely with your coaching staff, keeping an eye on performance markers and scientific lab results to determine the plan you need, making changes along the way to ensure you’re ready to step on the scale on weight, and feeling great. After you’ve made weight, the process of rehydrating, refueling, and entering the arena at ideal body weight and hydration becomes a priority. You’ve spent your entire camp preparing for the fight and I want to make sure your body is ready to perform all that you ask it to!

I offer services for every fighter need and level of competition. Please fill out the form and I will contact you personally to discuss your goals and determine the service that works best for you!

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