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About Levi Maeschen

Registered Dietitian

Hello everyone, my name is Levi Maeschen and I am a Registered Dietitian here at Ethos Nutrition. I received my undergraduate degree in Health Science from California State University Fullerton prior to getting my master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Loma Linda University. I was born and raised in Orange, California before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada for work once I completed graduate school and just moved to Northern Idaho at the end of 2021.

During my time obtaining my RD credential and completing my master’s program, I interned/volunteered with the Dallas Cowboys, UFC Performance Institute, and USC Trojans. My focus was on working within sports/performance upon graduation in which I worked for the Las Vegas Raiders and the UFC Performance Institute prior to starting here at Ethos Nutrition. A goal of mine that I am currently pursuing is becoming board certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

While learning and growing in the field of nutrition is a lifelong, ever-evolving process, I do enjoy traveling, outdoor activities (hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, etc.), playing chess, exploring new restaurants, going to church, and spending time with friends and family. A fun fact about myself is that my wife and I have traveled to over 50 countries on 6 continents and got married in Iceland in 2018.

My philosophy is that I want to provide value to people and impact their lives by fueling their bodies to optimize everyday life while using a food first approach that empowers and educates, creates balance, produces self-sufficiency, good habits, and consistency that can ultimately lead to success in their short- and long-term goals while creating lifelong health, happiness, and well-being.

— Levi Maeschen MS, RD, LD, CSCS